Saturday, April 24, 2010

Urban Outfitters-Grey 4

Sorry I've been gone so long loves! When I got back from Hawaii I had to make up all the school work, and long story short, it was hell week. But now that I've made up everything, I willing to make a commitment to blogging again!(= Hawaii was totally worth all the make up work. I mean look at the view! Gorgeous!

So the nail of week is from Urban Outfitters, suprising right? I love the packaging, it looks so sleek! But the way they named the polish is kind of a downer. I mean Grey 4? No imagination at all! The polish applied evenly like dream. Here's a swatch!

Quick question, Do you girls paint your toes the same color as your fingers?

I've always wondered which has the majority. I personally always match it, but I wanna know what you do!(=


  1. Glad that you had fun in Hawaii :) I love that color! I'm loving greys lately. I usually don't ever paint my toes to mach my fingers, unless i'm going to a special event or something. I always make sure that the colors don't completely clash though even though they're totally different colors :)

  2. Oo soo nice with Hawaiii !! I'm so jealous ^^
    And coool color on the nails !

  3. Love the color of your nail polish!!

  4. i have a color very smilar to that and i love it!!! its called Metro Chic and it's by O.P.I for sephora... i think you'd love it!!!

    and i usually make my toes the same color :)

    ali skye