Monday, April 5, 2010

Forever 21/Clinique Haul!

Hey loves!

So today I went to the mall with my mom to pick up a few things for the Hawaii trip I'm taking with my school choir! We're leaving tomorrow for a whole week and I am so excited! Being a procrastinater that I am, I haven't even packed yet. Which I know, is BAD. But I promise! As soon as I'm done making this post I'll start(;

Without further ado, here's the haul!

Forever 21! I think I was on some blue kick so basically all the clothes I bought were blue!? I have no clue why though. Okay so anyways, I just got a BLUE flowered sundress, BLUE ruffled tube top, and GREEN hahah I kid, BLUE stretchy skirt with pockets!

Clinique! Just picked up the regular face lotion, nothing to special. BUTTTT there was a gift with purchase! Yay(= The bag is totally cute, go pick yours up now!


  1. Ahhhh you're super lucky to be going to hawaii! I love the clothes :)

  2. Hi dear! I just emailed you to another email address. All I need is address so I can ship you the stuff :) here's my email: