Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to use pigmented lipsticks on a daily basis! know those Gift with Purchases that include nice quality lipsticks that are nice...but pigmented! /: Sure thats how some people roll but not me! Hahahaa I stick to neutral lips thank you very much! So this might seem like a "duh" situation but simple way to use dark lipsticks is just dab the color VERY LIGHTLY onto your lips! You get a tad bit of the color but still it being neutral!

Anyone else think of this? Let me know if you try this!


Heck.....YES! Finals done, junior year done, school done :) Am I happy? Definitely. I'm sorry I haven't been posting at all. But summers here, and I'm back! This is just a quick post saying I'm back! Alright. See you guys in a little ;)