Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Gunmetal

I starting to love Sally Hansen! I'm too lazy at the moment to dig out my camera but here's some webcam pictures!(=
Here's my Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear collection...I know pretty small but I've been seeing swatches of more colors and I'm sure I'm out to get more soon!(=

This one's called Gunmetal and this is just from ONE coat! Pretty nice quality right? Ahem for nail polishes like this! No time to mess with a nail polish that needs two coats? Sally Hansen is your girl!(;

Am I exaggerating? Or does anyone else agree with my opinion of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish?(=

PS: Sorry for the obnoxious kissy face pictures! Its the only face I can make without seeming like a total chipmunk....wisdom teeth! Ackk.

Shame on me!

I'veee been a bad blogger =( I'm sorry! Its been a tough junior I know why people were complaining! Hahahaa but I PROMISE I'll be more consistent in my blogging! But here's an update if you were curious. I just got my wisdom teeth pulled a day ago. All 4! =( And yes, I do in fact look like a chipmunk hahahaa. Also this sunday is going to be my 16th birthday!(= Too bad I completely lagged on my permit and license/= Eeek, I realize now that I lag on quite a lot of things....blogging...and my license. But I am trying to change! Hahahaa
Okay so back to blogging! Look forward to some more posts this weekend!(=