Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hey girls,

THANK YOU! I currently have 12 followers(= Woooo. Thanks so much girls! This is going to be a super quick post. I should be getting back into the cycle of posting soon! School has been a handful lately. But I need some new ideas for posts!

Any Ideas?(=

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

5 Random Facts!

Hola! I decided to do a 5 random facts post(= Hope you enjoy!

Okay so....
#1: Yes, my real name is Katie MOON. I heard that all the Koreans with the last name Moon are all related closely. Which is pretty cool!(=

#2: I have a adopted cat named Missy. I know original name. Hahha.

#3: I hate nuts. Period. Anything like peanuts, almonds, etc. Ugh.

#4: On the other hand, I have a weakness for those Lindtt Lindor Truffles. YUMM. Hahha those just make me melt =D

#5: Last but not least, I have braces! I used to have horrible buckteeth. But after pulling out 4 teeth everything is all good!(=

Alright so I realize that you guys haven't even seen who this mysterious Katie Moon.

BAM! Pretty nice huh? Hahaha jk(= I look pretty bad coming back home from school and all. I just got this horrible breakout all over my face too. And yeah, you can see my math hw in the corner. Hahha. But hey, you guys still love me?(= Hahha.
Anyone else want to do the 5 random facts post?

Monday, February 15, 2010

January Favorites!

Yes I know...Totally late! But better late then never right?(=

So without further ado, here they are!

Okay soo.......

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: I love this lotion! It moisturized my super dry skin(=

Cargo Bronzer: If you guys didn't know, this bronzer is discontinued =( Its a fantastic bronzer that blends beautifully. If it wasn't 8.9g I'd be worried about running out(=

Stila Look No. 4 Palette: I'm sorry! Another favorite of mine is a discontinued item too. But hey, the heart wants what the heart wants! Hahah. So anyways, I love this palette for everyday looks. Add some eyeshadow and we're done!(=

ELF Natural Radiance Blusher in Glow: I usually hate blush but this just gives me a flush of natural color! And it being a $1 is just an added perk!

Physician's Formula Natural Origin Pressed Powder Warm Beige: Love this pressed powder! I don't need a lot of coverage so this is perfect for me(=

Vaseline: Perfect lip therapy for night!

Anyone else agree with me?(=

On My Kneess...

SAYINGG THAT I'M SORRY! I've been camping-_- Yeahhh I know..I hate it too. Hahaha Anyways just wanted to say that I will stop being MIA! Pinky Promise(=

Here's my nail of the week just to cheer you up(=

This week's is Pure Ice: Taupe Drawer!
I love the name(=

Okay so anyways...Its a nail polish from Icing aka Claires! I'm sure you guys have heard of itt. Its this little store for girls selling mostly accessories. I didn't expect much from this polish but I'm loving it so far! It hasn't chipped yet!(=

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fixing Bad Decisions!

Okay, I have a confession. If you read the post below you already know that I bought this shirt on sale for $5. Great deal....but I can see why it was on sale./=

So it doesn't look that bad in the picture. And because of that and the fact that there was a HUGE line for the dressing rooms, I just bought it without trying it on. So then because the clothing fairy just hates me so much, its a really ugly shirt on. Then thinking that I had nothing to lose, I just decided to cut the sleeves off to just wear it as a tank top. Heres where I cut the sleeves off.

After I cut both the sleeves off, I tried on my new tanktop! And SUPRISE! I love it!!(= I'm so happy that it all worked out! Heres the finished product!:

With the magic of scissors, an ugly top got turned into a cute bohemian babydoll tank!

Forever21/H&M Haul!

Just a quick small haul! I went to the mall on Saturday just to get some basics. But OFCOURSE..I bought a couple other things!(=

So at Forever21 I got this creme lace tunic which because of my size could be used as a dress but not long enough to wear without tights! I would have got size Medium to wear a bit baggy and as a dress but they only had size small/large/= But still adorable tunic/dress!(=

H&M! Just went in there to get a simple black button up cardigan. BUT...this white long sleeve shirt which was on sale for $5 caught my eye. It used to be $30! And I just got earrings(=

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quick Question: How to apply pigmented blushes?

HELP! Like the title says, I would like NEED some tips on how to apply pigmented blushes! Please(=
If you recall from my Sephora haul, I got a Cargo blush called Lyon which is pretty pigmented.
Heres some pictures and swatches if your interested!
I still haven't figured out a way to where the blush without looking a little like this:

EEK! I'll pass on that! So any tips? Please let me know!(=

Upcoming Posts!

So I know I haven't been posting. Please be patient with me(= I will start posting by tomorrow! Maybe today?(; ANYWAYS...I can promise you some posts!

-January Favorites(I know late!)
-Forever21/H&M Haul
-5 Random Facts
-Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray
-Nail of the Week!
-Haircare Routine
-Nail Polish Storage
-Any other requests?(=

I love black&white(=

Monday, February 1, 2010

Aye, Mates!

Woo! Its 11:11! I should be sleeping right now. So don't mind my half crazed nonsense. ANYWHO, does anyone have requests for me? Like any blog posts to do? I'm open for any suggestions!(=

Lush. Worth a try?

Hello loves(=
Just a quick question. Is Lush worth a try? On youtube and blogspot I see Lush hauls/reviews left and right! I've been to one Lush while on vacation before I heard all this rave but left as soon as I saw the prices. But as fate has it when I am no where near a Lush, I'm dying to try some! The most heard of from Lush would have to be Rockstar, Honey I Washed The Kids and Comforter Bar? Right? Ugh, if only I took a few whiffs at the store to see what they were like! So I'm thinking of ordering some but have a few pros and cons running through my mind. I mean what if Lush just smells plain nasty to me?
So back to my original question: Is Lush worth it? And what do you recommend?
P.S. If anyone wants to send a sample, I'd be ever so grateful!(=
Till next time!

China Glaze: Lubu Heels

Hello again! Its Monday again. =( Can't wait till next week when I only have a four day school week! Anyways, I have this thing where I redo my nails every weekend. So you can expect new nail pictures everyweek!(=
So this weeks choice was China Glaze Lubu Heels. I had received this in a swap. Lubu Heels is supposedly inspired by the famous Christian Louboutin heels. You know, the ones with the red soles? So the nail polish is red glitters with black nail polish. You should be aware that its not exactly going to be jet black with red glitters but it still is a pretty vampy color.(= With two coats, my nails didn't look totally black. So the result was burgandy looking nails from far away. But what is so pretty about the nails is that the red glitters show up so prettily in the sunlight! So without further ado, heres some pictures!