Monday, January 31, 2011

Recent Haulin'!

Hello again!(= Today I'm just going to be posting a tiny collective haul(not that much)! So I stopped Forever 21 today just to see whats up...and I finally found a double ring! I know I know, you guys are probably all thinking...only your first one?! Hahaha I've just recently been getting into wearing rings and double rings are my new fave! I'm off to hunt for some more(=

Pretty nice right!?

And...I got a couple nail polishes in the mail! My first ever zoya polishes :D They are so cute and gorgeous! Crystal is def my fave(=>



Nail plate sample for the Intimate collection!

Have you tried Zoya's Nail Polish?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

If you like it then, you should put a ring on it?

WOOP! 50 followers yo!(; Thank you everybody! Made my day right here :D

So anyways heres the reason why my post title is so odd! I'm sure you all know the beyonce song? If not...get right on it and look it up! Catchy song right there(; So maybe or maybe you guys have seen the trend of putting a different twist on nail polish just on the ring finger! I have no idea why but it just adds a little spunk to the polish! Not TOO crazy though. Hehehe so I really hope you get why I titled the post that! Keeping it simple, I just added a couple blue/silver stripes my ring finger!(=

P.S.: I'm sorry for the chips! I figured since I'd be taking it off soon I might as well try something!(;

Has anyone else seen this idea going around? Lemme know!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Face Shop Nail Polishes!

So hopefully I'll keep posting up things as I've been for the past few days! :D So anyways today my grandparents came home from Korea and before they left I had requested them to bring some nail polishes back for me! But figuring I never gave them a specific kind, I thought they would have forgotten! Sweetly enough, my grandma brought a stash from The Face Shop just for me!(= I love those moments when you aren't expecting anything but something happens out of the blue! For a grandma she picked out some pretty colors! Hahaha just kidding...of course my grandma has style(;

Ehhh packaging is pretty meh. I actually had no idea they were from The Face Shop until I looked like super close! Bahahaa anyways the names are only numbers =( So until I get to swatch them...I figured I'd just list the numbers then!?
So which ones would you like me to swatch first?
Ooooh! And P.S.! They apparently give you free boxed of cotton pads with a purchase? Hahhaa hello random freebies!?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hair of the Day!

Hahaha so if you haven't noticed, I pretty much just made up my own title...creative right? Not. Hahahaa(; Its just pretty much a fishtail braid!
Braiding my hair after getting it cut makes me miss how long my hair was =( Thank God it grows "kinda sorta not reallly" fast! Hahaha(;
Anyone fancy a fishtail braid tutorial?

Lush Lemony Flutter Review!

Quick Review: LOVE LOVE LOVE(=

Hahahaa kay so anyways! "Actual" review: So this is actually my first product from lush. And I gotta say I like it! Too bad theres no stores located near me =( So here it goes!

-buttery smooth!
-ugly cuticles...byebye!(=
-little goes a long way [helps feel better about price $12(;]
-sinks in fast

-lemony "Pledge" scent [some people may like?!]
-hard to locate stores
Have you tried lemony flutter from Lush?

Forever 21 Nail Polish!?

Success! I love "Love & Beauty" nailpolishes! Love & Beauty is the makeup brand of Forever 21! Nail polish for a mere $1.80!? I'm there(= So here's Mint! Beautiful color! I had everyone asking me to borrow it. Hahaha true sign its a pretty color!

And its anti-chipping power is pretty darn good! After 1 week...[with a top coat!] Theres only gentle wearing down at the tips! No major chips! The only difference is that you can see how much my nails have grown! Hahaha can you say love at first sight?(=

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Resolution!..Kinda

So one of the New Year's resolution is to let my nails breath! Why you say? Not letting your nails breathe without polish causes them to turn yellow and gross. According to my mom? There's a bit of controversy on that but hey believe what you want to believe! But for me, I'm trying to take breaks for my nails. So for this week I'm laying off the polish! Hopefully. Hahahaa I'm having a Zoya haul coming up soon so hopefully I can stay put with not putting on polish! Cross your fingers or claw them to take a picture? Bahahaa(;

Last Week's Nails!

Sorry girls...I totally forgot to do last week's nails. But its a bit hard to describe what I used for last week's nails. Because the nail polishes I used were unnamed. /= But basically I just used a silver coat at the bottom and a pink coat with large glitters. WALA! I'm sorry, I failed you guys. Hahahaa but I mean you could always improvise right? Good luck!(=

Anyways speaking of glitter...I got this gorgeous ring! Yes, someone could take it as looking tacky, but as a statement piece I love it! Hehee plus I got a 10% discount off cause there was one rhinestone missing /= Only a few cents off but hey! I never knew Forever 21 had discounts! So if you ever see something messed up about something but easily fixable, just know that theres a 10% discount! New facts for you right here! Hahaha I know, cheeeesy(;