Friday, July 30, 2010

Montagne Jeunesse Spa Facial Face Tonic

This is one of those sheet masks. Its supposed to "calm and sooth the skin, lifts the spirit". And heck, it does! Hahahaa(; When I first put this on, it began to tingle. Almost to the point of pain but ALMOST! So its all good.(= My skin felt so smooth after! My clogged pores looked a lot less "clogged". The only thing that bothered me was the smell. Other people may like it but it was way to flowery for me. Ugh. I have one more of the mask but I probably won't re-buy it. But I'm down to try other masks from this line!(=
The mask has this cool water ripple print on it! Totally attractive like this right? Trying to do a "sexy winking, kissy face". Again, TRYING. Hahahaa(;

I'm curious, what are your favorite sheet masks?

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Rockstar Pink

So I got sick over the week and guess what that hospital! =D Of course I ran over to my nail polishes and picked out a color that isn't considered "neutral" Hehehee. The hospital will never know! (; This is a gorgeous glitter nail polish. One of my firsts actually? You can layer this over black or just a clear coat! The wear on this polish is amazing, its been a week and half and no wearing at the tips! The texture is a bit gritty so be sure to wear a top coat!(=

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bronzer Collection!

WEEE finally I finished all the pictures! =D So anyways....about bronzers! No reason why but to me, they're probably to easiest thing to buy in makeup. Because they're cheap? No/= BUT because you can hardly go wrong with buying the wrong shade or something. Or maybe that just
to me? Hahahaa(;
Oh! And WARNING: Picture Heavy!
I thought that if I was doing a bronzer collection, I might as well do the whole shebang with swatches and all(=
So in total I have 8 bronzers and for the individual shots, I'll go clockwise. Capese? And no, I don't know how to spell that. Hahahaa(;

Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation-Pure Beige
I know what you're thinking: "Um, this girl has no clue what the difference between foundation and bronzer is! Why am I even reading her crazy blog!?" Hahahaa well no, I actually do know what the difference is. It just had happened that I got the wrong shade for foundation in a swap so, I just decided to use it as a bronzer. And not too bad I'd have to say! This "bronzer" has just a hint of sparkles that make my face look a bit skinnier. Which, who wouldn't like that!?(;
Napoleon Perdis-French Riviera Bronzer
Got this in a swap! But
I haven't got to try it yet. If anyone wants a review, let me know?(= Although it looks a tad orange....kinda intimidated?
Stila Sun Bronzing Powder-Shade 2
Pretty much my first bronzer ever! =D Love this, works for my skin tone! Maybe its just clumsy me, but it keeps breaking? Anyways, it was part of a kit, might be discontinued?/=
Cargo Medium Bronzer
New fave bronzer! Has a beautiful sheen NOT shimmer. Which is the best part! Hahahaa Got it for 50% off at Sephora cause they no longer stock it there. But I believe you can find it in Ulta? But its such a big size I doubt I'll run out(;
Cargo Medium Matte Bronzer
Yup! Two cargo bronzers...I could'nt resist(; This one is a bit too light for me in the summer so I'll probably use this to contour in the winter!(=
NYX Mosaic Powder-Latte
I just got this in a swap but it seems a little dirty for my skin tone. Maybe I'll try it again later?(;
N.Y.C. Bronzing Face Powder-Sunny
Cheap stuff! Pretty good if you ask me! It doesn't really have the best pigmentation but it still is a nice color!
E.L.F. Warm Bronzer
Another cheap bronzer! All shimmery and so pretty! This has been in the back of my collection...I've missed you!(;

Any reviews on the bronzers?(;
What's your favorite bronzer?