Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quick Question: How to apply pigmented blushes?

HELP! Like the title says, I would like NEED some tips on how to apply pigmented blushes! Please(=
If you recall from my Sephora haul, I got a Cargo blush called Lyon which is pretty pigmented.
Heres some pictures and swatches if your interested!
I still haven't figured out a way to where the blush without looking a little like this:

EEK! I'll pass on that! So any tips? Please let me know!(=

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  1. i have come across this problem with hoola bronzer. i usually place my brush very, very lightly in the product. then i tap off any excess and apply it to the apples of my cheeks working my way up to my side hairline. this method allows me to control how much pigment i want on my skin. you can always deepen the colour by repeating this process.

    i hope this helps

    lauren xx