Monday, February 1, 2010

Lush. Worth a try?

Hello loves(=
Just a quick question. Is Lush worth a try? On youtube and blogspot I see Lush hauls/reviews left and right! I've been to one Lush while on vacation before I heard all this rave but left as soon as I saw the prices. But as fate has it when I am no where near a Lush, I'm dying to try some! The most heard of from Lush would have to be Rockstar, Honey I Washed The Kids and Comforter Bar? Right? Ugh, if only I took a few whiffs at the store to see what they were like! So I'm thinking of ordering some but have a few pros and cons running through my mind. I mean what if Lush just smells plain nasty to me?
So back to my original question: Is Lush worth it? And what do you recommend?
P.S. If anyone wants to send a sample, I'd be ever so grateful!(=
Till next time!


  1. Hey hun! I think Lush is definitely worth a try. I would recommend Rockstar soap and The Comforter bubble bar. If you're into girly scents, I can almost say 100% that you'll love those products. Also, give Snow Fairy shower gel a try. It's my absolute favourite. Or if you're looking for soaps then The Godmother is another one that smells exactly like Snow Fairy shower gel. Hope that helps! If you have any questions, drop me a comment. xxxxx

  2. I agree with Joanna, I have reviews on comforter and honey I washed the kids. I love them. Comforter turns your bath pink and gives you loads of lovely bubbles and honey I washed the kids is such a lovely sweet scent that lingers on your skin.
    It's true you could find some smells nasty whereas others love it that's why it's always better to go to the store but if you don't have one near you I would defo risk it! Also if you do buy something online I think at some point during checkout there's a llttle message box or something so you can ask for samples of products you want to try! xox