Monday, February 8, 2010

Fixing Bad Decisions!

Okay, I have a confession. If you read the post below you already know that I bought this shirt on sale for $5. Great deal....but I can see why it was on sale./=

So it doesn't look that bad in the picture. And because of that and the fact that there was a HUGE line for the dressing rooms, I just bought it without trying it on. So then because the clothing fairy just hates me so much, its a really ugly shirt on. Then thinking that I had nothing to lose, I just decided to cut the sleeves off to just wear it as a tank top. Heres where I cut the sleeves off.

After I cut both the sleeves off, I tried on my new tanktop! And SUPRISE! I love it!!(= I'm so happy that it all worked out! Heres the finished product!:

With the magic of scissors, an ugly top got turned into a cute bohemian babydoll tank!


  1. Yup the magic of sissors~ :) you can work wonders with them!

  2. i think it looks better without the sleeves. :)