Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Resolution!..Kinda

So one of the New Year's resolution is to let my nails breath! Why you say? Not letting your nails breathe without polish causes them to turn yellow and gross. According to my mom? There's a bit of controversy on that but hey believe what you want to believe! But for me, I'm trying to take breaks for my nails. So for this week I'm laying off the polish! Hopefully. Hahahaa I'm having a Zoya haul coming up soon so hopefully I can stay put with not putting on polish! Cross your fingers or claw them to take a picture? Bahahaa(;


  1. Hi sweety! I know you won that giveaway, but I remember an email from your with the address never got to me :( Maybe you could sent it to me now (to the email mentioned on my blog) and I would be happy to send you a surprise pack! :)


  2. let your nails grow nice and strong!

  3. my mom used to tell me that! haha. really, though, i'm pretty sure they turn yellow because the polish stains them. if you use a clear base coat it should prevent the yellowing. i hate having naked nails, so i rarely go without polish! especially on my toes!