Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Face Shop Nail Polishes!

So hopefully I'll keep posting up things as I've been for the past few days! :D So anyways today my grandparents came home from Korea and before they left I had requested them to bring some nail polishes back for me! But figuring I never gave them a specific kind, I thought they would have forgotten! Sweetly enough, my grandma brought a stash from The Face Shop just for me!(= I love those moments when you aren't expecting anything but something happens out of the blue! For a grandma she picked out some pretty colors! Hahaha just kidding...of course my grandma has style(;

Ehhh packaging is pretty meh. I actually had no idea they were from The Face Shop until I looked like super close! Bahahaa anyways the names are only numbers =( So until I get to swatch them...I figured I'd just list the numbers then!?
So which ones would you like me to swatch first?
Ooooh! And P.S.! They apparently give you free boxed of cotton pads with a purchase? Hahhaa hello random freebies!?


  1. AWW! Your grandma is sweet! :)

    I have to say, the packaging isn't so appealing but thankfully, the product is much better than how the packaging looks like.

    Hey, I'm currently hosting an international giveaway. Come and join if you're interested. <3

  2. Cool, I have to say I like to purple one! I wonder how it works! Have you tried OPI nail polish? My mom just bought me 2 for a great deal! I got a bright orange one and a Barbie pink one. You should follow me! :) And comment on my new post! :P

  3. I love those nail polishes there... I'd love to see swatches!

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  4. aw how sweet !
    your halmoni has good taste ! lol

  5. That's so sweet of your grandma to bring you back some nail polishes! I wish you could get Face Shop products here in the states. I have heard some rave reviews from my Korean friends about it!

  6. i like the navy polish on the left !

  7. Thank you everybody! And I'm def painting nails with the purple one with week!(=

  8. Hello there fellow Korean : ) Aww, your grandmother is so sweet. My grandmother brought underwear, stationary products, and watches whenever she visited me in Canada. LOL I love shopping in Korea because EVERY makeup store hands out free cotton pads. So I just walk into a bunch of stores to cool down when i visit in the summer and by the end of the day, I've collected 4-5 boxes of cotton pads plus samples!