Monday, June 14, 2010

OPI: Makes Men Blush

Heheheee 2 posts in a row! I'm proud of myself for not slacking.(= But I should warn my readers out there. I'm leaving for Costa Rica tomorrow, but no worries I'll be back in one week! =D So without any ado, here's the NOTD!

And since I'm volunteering at a hospital every week, I have to make sure my nails are neutral. But it doesn't bother me that much cause I've been digging neutrals(; This nailpolish took 3 coats to achieve the same color of the bottle. First coat is kind of sheer but fret not! It's all good after a couple more coats. There's also a really cool iridescent look about the polish too(=

Quick question: How do you (a fellow blogger) take pictures of your NOTD? Cause my pictures always turn out kind of creepy, with fingers coming out of nowhere. Hahahaa help!