Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm back! And quick question?

Finally back from Costa Rica! Miss me much?(;

Okay so I'll start posting again! But before that, quick question time!
Is it okay to combine your shampoos? Is it okay to combine your conditioners?
Because I have all these separate shampoo and conditioner samples and I have a feeling I'm too lazy to go through and open them all every time I take a shower. Hahahaha lazy? Of course. So I was thinking of just combining the shampoos in one bottle and conditioners in one. But is that okay?

Someone help! These samples need a home.(=


  1. Hope you had fun in Costa Rica :) I'm not a shampoo/conditioner expert so I dunno how well I can answer your question but I would imagine it would be okay to combine them... can't hurt right?

  2. @caitlin: Aw thanks! I did enjoy Costa Rica(=
    Yeah thats exactly what I was thinking too! Hahaha but I've looked it up (on Google of course) Hahahaa they make it sound pretty scary. I mean its just shampoo! Hhahaaa(;

  3. Thanks for your comment girl :) And I'm really not sure either about whether or not it's ok to combine them, sorry!
    (On another note, I'm pretty sure I signed up to get that free sample of the Aveeno hair stuff. I haven't gotten it yet so I hope it comes soon, haha. I love finding samples in my mail)

  4. Thanks for stopping by<3

    I dont usually mix together, but I dont see why not?

    xo Lynzy