Monday, January 25, 2010

Sephora, Sephora, Where are thou Sephora?

Hurry! Pretty please!(= ahah I should be receiving be recieving my package soon! Tomorrow according to USPS! But no worries I'll update you guys as soon as I get my package! But don't hold your breath...its not a very big package haha. I just tend to overexaggerate. I just love getting packages in the mail(= I'll probably end up like her just waiting outside the door for my package. HAHA.
Anyways..I totally missed blogging. Its pretty fun! But I feel kinda lonely blogging. Hahaha. So if anyone is out there reading, feel free to leave a comment! Heck, leave it out of pity for all I care. hahah(; As long as I get a comment, I'm happy.
Does anyone have any tips on getting for followers?
see you guys tomorrow!<3


  1. Hi! I'm reading :)

    As for tips on getting followers, I'm pretty new to blogging too, I just started around the begining of november :) You just kinda have to wait it out! You already have 4 though! Which is a good start :)

    I'll put you on my blogroll though!

    xo Caitlin

  2. I hate waiting for mail to come too. It drives me nuts! lol

    && as fars as getting more followers. Just keep exploring Blogger & finding new blogs you like. Follow them & a lot of the time people will follow you back. ALSO comment on people's posts. Just like how you did with mine. They will more than likely come visit your page to see what you blog about :)
    Don't worry though girl, you'll be fine. You already ahve 4 & barely started your blog this month! ;D

  3. WEEE. two comments(=

    Thanks so much! I feel so much better! Hahaha when people said that they met so many people via blogging i always wondered how that even happened. hahaa but thanks! I do love the tips! Thanks for your encouragement! It does mean a lot to me(=

    Hahhaa i just love how people are actually reading my blog(; But thanks so much! Please keep in touch! I really do want to get to know more people via blogging<3